About E4E


We believe that there should be engineering education opportunities for all, for everyone’s future


To co-ordinate professional collaboration focused on enhancing the understanding of engineering education through informing and shaping policy, and professional collaboration, in order to promote a technologically advanced society by inspiring the next generation and securing the flow of people with engineering skills.


  1. Present a coherent voice from the engineering profession on policy matters which impact on the formation of engineers, such as careers guidance, apprenticeships, routes to high level skills
  2. Help government and public understand the connection between engineering habits of mind and skills, and development of a technologically advanced society
  3. Support PEI education policy engagement, making the impact greater than the sum of the separate parts
  4. Improve the supply of young people following engineering pathways and routes to engineering careers

E4E is the education-related workstrand of Engineering the Future, the programme to bring together engineering institutions on policy matters. It is hosted by The Royal Academy of Engineering, with membership drawn from the professional engineering community including all 35 Professional Engineering Institutions, Engineering Council and EngineeringUK.